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Many existing companies miss the importance of having a well-defined IT CSI strategy in place, particularly if they are not aware of the need for improvement. Having awareness of a business’s ITSM maturity level and how it can be improved upon. Once a business understands how mature their ITSM is, they can identify areas of improvement and can put a strategy in place accordingly. 

Knowing that a business needs to improve – and the resulting strategies for improvement – needs to be driven from a board or executive level. Far too often, the need for change is identified at an operational level but is rarely afforded the focus to act upon.  The board, however, has a holistic view of the business and therefore understands the risk of not applying the necessary changes and improvements at a business level. Measures and targets can be put in place as a way to ensure improvements are continually implemented to minimize risk.

In order to avoid stagnation and revitalize their operations, organisations need to embrace a culture of continual service improvement. This goes beyond IT and underpins every aspect of a functioning company. Business is dynamic and the marketplace is constantly changing, and so businesses need to adapt to these changes to fulfill the shifting needs of their customers. This adaptation drives the demand for service improvement. To assess how much service improvement is necessary, an IT service provider must ask itself the following questions:

  1. What is the company’s vision, mission, goals and, more specifically, what is it’s business objectives? How can we align our service management strategy accordingly? Knowing this is the first step.
  2. Where are we as a service provider now, and how mature are our processes?
  3. Where do we want to be? Setting measurable targets based on the vision, mission, goals and business objectives.
  4. How do we get there?  Implement  improvement strategies in line with the set targets
  5.  Are we there yet? Measurements and metrics can be done using the targets
  6. Once targets have been reached – how do we keep the momentum going?

CSI is a repeatable cycle, one which needs to be addressed time and time again. By using the best practice guidelines, a company can ensure they have the right processes in place to enable a smooth transition from ITSM immaturity to where they need to be.


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