At Rejea our experts offer invaluable advice, guidance, and assistance to improve the efficiency, reliability, and consistency of IT Services. This enables a proactive approach to business with improved controls, not just of IT, but for the organisation and its goals as a whole. Rejea Group’s consulting services are driven by an unwavering commitment to always deliver reliable and responsive service and advice.

Types of Consulting Engagements

  • Enterprise IT Governance
  • IT current state assessments
  • Alignment of IT with Business
  • Advise Develop of IT Strategy

Consulting Value outcomes

  • Tangible ROI through accurate and timely provision of IT Services that reflect ITSM best practice
  • IT strategies that are accurately aligned with your business strategies
  • Agile IT Organisation
  • Improved service excellence
  • Aligned with IT best Practice (ITIL)
  • Identification of activities required to achieve successful implementation of ITSM best practice in line with business requirements
  • Guidance in all aspects of ITSM best practice activities
  • Co-created continual service improvement plan (CSI)
  • Involvement and commitment of staff in planning and implementation activities
  • Process development and re-engineering


IT Governance is now being pushed right up to board level and as structures need to be put in place to enable better governance and controls.

How can we help?

As your partner, we walk the road with you to ensure that the business objectives are met and exceeded. What we bring to the table are best practice approaches in various areas delivered through education of staff, consulting and overall industry experience. In so doing we reposition the business to that of a structured and aligned organization, capable of achieving its defined objectives.

  • We continuously focus on the principle of “focusing on value” for the business.
  • As a partner, we will assist and support you to ensure that the business remains true to its defined strategy through ongoing reviews and alignment of your continual service improvement plan.
  • Assist you the review the ongoing educational needs of the business.
  • Improve the customer experience.

How do we help?

Rejea Group has one and only one purpose – to help YOU help your clients. To serve you, so you can better serve your clients.

Based on a 5 step process:

  1. We listen to understand your challenges.
  2. Once we understand, together we analyze the root cause of your current position.
  3. We co-create your future state.
  4. We collaborate on the most appropriate solutions to achieve your objective/s.Consulting, training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, tools.  Every client has a different need to be addressed.
  5. As change agents – we enable you to better position your business to achieve the desired outcomes.

What are typical problem areas?

  • Misaligned understanding of the businesses Strategic objectives.
  • Confusion on exactly what governance is and what it means to your business.
  • Assist you in reviewing the ongoing educational needs of the business.
  • Understanding how to position your business to embrace a more digital approach to business.
  • Training does not receive the focus required to derive maximum value for the business.  Technology is often acquired without fully understanding where it fits into the organization and whether it is the right tool.
  • Complete lack of focus on continual service improvement.
  • Companies remain focused on internal/operational issues rather than addressing the effective delivery of services to their customers.
  • Executive education is not receiving the focus it duly deserves.
  • Lack of overall governance and effective management of the business will result in elevated levels of risk.

The Team