Product Solutions

Rejea Group has targeted specific supplier products that complement our strategic vision. Each of the product solutions offered underpin our focus and alignment with the IT Governance framework, and as such, the products are interdependent to provide the cover required to improve the overall alignment with IT Governance and ISO/IEC 38500 standard.

The most critical part of the IT Governance framework is the ability to provide audit evidence to ensure compliance.

Service Management

Service Management is a set of specialised organisational capabilities for providing customer value through SERVICES. Weak, ineffective service management practices will directly impact business performance and result in lower profitability and increased risk to the business.

Service Management, in terms of practice, is the mechanism that enables control of all aspects of your Information Technology landscape, resulting in improved customer and business satisfaction and improved total cost of IT ownership.

With this in mind, Rejea has selected market-leading technology platforms and industry thought leadership capabilities to assist and support businesses in achieving their strategic objectives.


4me is a service oriented platform designed to be the AI-driven Service Management platform for tomorrow.

Powered by a unique multi-tenant, hyper-fast, high availability, and secure cloud architecture, 4me redefines service management by offering a comprehensive replacement for traditional ITSM, and ESM,  integrating with other company domains and, across company borders, with your service providers. With 4me, enterprises can easily align service management with their business objectives, connect workflows, leverage AI, integrate best-in-class tools, and provide a powerful, service centric platform that accelerates productivity and elevates customer and employee experiences.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is one of the most critical strategic elements a business needs to focus on to ensure continuity. Over the years, and before CoVID19, many organisations paid lip service to the entrenchment and support of effective Business Continuity processes. Without a well-defined plan and procedures (processes), companies stand exposed when a significant disaster strikes, which could destroy the business overnight. Although IT, like many other divisions within the organisation, needs to build in redundancy capability to align with the policy statements provided by the Board, many business executives believe that BCM = Disaster Recovery = IT. This mindset could not have been further from reality.

We offer an infrastructure monitoring solution known as N-Able. This product continuously monitors defined elements of the Infrastructure to ensure the continuation of business services in line with business expectations.

Suppose an organisation embraces service management as dictated. In that case, all redundancy requirements in support of BCM should have been effectively factored into all solutions developed and deployed.

Cyber Security

Security Management, although critical to the overall framework, remains an area many business owners consider a pure “grudge” purchase. What has become glaringly apparent over the past ten years is that ignoring the risk associated with IT Security could destroy the business.

Due to the specialisation required to managed örganisational technology security solutions, Rejea partners with an International security-based company SLVA, to allow organisations to have a holistic (one-stop) solution for the critical elements highlighted as part of IT Governance.

Security-generated incidents and events must be defined and aligned with the same basic practices used to manage routine IT incidents and events. Integrating the security-related incidents and events should be captured and defined in the same solution used to address (manage) everyday IT Incidents and events.

IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management is simply an extension of the overall organisational Risk Management framework, which, like all other critical functions, is driven and guided by a board-approved set of policies.

IT Risk Management operates very much like risk management in Finance, etc., focusing on managing and mitigating risks as far as possible.

Rejea offers a structured AI toolset called (ALICE) that allows effective management of the Risk Posture of the organisation’s IT environment by continuously monitoring several different attributes, all of which influence the organisation’s Risk position.

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How can we help?

As your partner, we walk the road with you to ensure your business objectives are met and exceeded. We bring best practice approaches in various areas delivered through the education of staff, consulting and overall industry experience. In so doing, we reposition the business to that of a structured and aligned organisation, capable of achieving its defined objectives.

  • We continuously prioritise “focusing on value” for the business.
  • As a partner, we will assist and support you to ensure that the business remains true to its defined strategy through ongoing reviews and aligning your continual service improvement plan.
  • Assist you in reviewing the ongoing educational needs of the business.
  • Improve the customer experience.

How do we help?

Rejea Group has one and only one purpose – to help YOU help your clients. To serve you, so you can better serve your clients.

Based on a 5 step process:

  1. We listen to understand your challenges.
  2. Once we understand, together we analyse the root cause of your current position.
  3. We co-create your future state.
  4. We collaborate on the most appropriate solutions to achieve your objectives. Consulting, training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, tools.  Every client has a different need to be addressed.
  5. As change agents – we enable you to better position your business to achieve the desired outcomes.

What are typical problem areas?

Rejea identified typical problem areas in businesses. For this reason we are geared to fully support our clients in the below:

  • Misaligned understanding of the businesses strategic objectives.
  • Confusion on exactly what governance is and what it means to your business.
  • Ongoing educational needs of the business and your people.
  • Understanding how to position your business to embrace a more digital approach to business.
  • Training does not receive the focus required to derive maximum value for the business. Technology is often acquired without fully understanding where it fits into the organisation and whether it is the right tool.
  • Complete lack of focus on continual service improvement.
  • Companies remain focused on internal/operational issues rather than addressing the effective delivery of services to their customers.
  • Executive education is not receiving the focus it duly deserves.
  • Lack of overall governance and effective management of the business will result in elevated levels of risk.