Rejea’s training partner ServiceFlow (Pty) Ltd is a specialist management consultancy firm established in 2014 by Louis Stanford in Cape Town, South Africa. Together with Rejea’s management team, ServiceFlow (PTY) Ltd assists and supports our long-term objectives.

Training specialisation

  • Service Management and Experience Management
  • IT Service Management (ITSM & DevOps)
  • IT Experience Management (ITXM)
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM)
  • Business Relationship Management (BRM)
  • IT Governance
  • Sourcing Governance (also known as Demand-Supply Governance)
  • Information Security Management and Cybersecurity

How we offer our courses

  • Training through our e-learning platform, which offers micro-learning courses, QuickStart Academy also includes a CPD programme to help you ensure that your team stays up-to-date with legislation, regulations and industry trends.
  • Good Practice Workshops – help your team to accelerate their understanding of Best Practice and assist with adoption and adaption within your environment.
  • Assessments – we offer a variety of pre-packaged assessments to help you understand your environment better.
  • Simulations – an excellent way for your team to develop their knowledge and experience by solving complex problems in a simulated environment.

So the question begets: Why choose Rejea Training?

Our expert coaches, trainers and consultants understand the journey to improving the efficiency, reliability and consistency of IT services. This enables an agile approach to business with improved controls, not just of IT, but for the enterprise as a whole.

Rejea Group Training Hub is made up of only the best of the best independent trainers. They have come together to collaborate and provide world-class quality training.

Because the Rejea trainers also work as consultants in organisations, they train from 2 perspectives: One to pass what is usually a very complex and costly exam, and the other, more important perspective is to be able to leave the training room and immediately begin applying the techniques learned during the training. This way your business immediately starts to see a return on your training spend.

Our training interventions are offered in various formats to accommodate busy schedules, including e-learning, workshops, assessments and simulations.

Rejea Training is about helping you get the best results, quickly and consistently. The purpose of sending staff on training is to develop them into being the best they can be and add continuously expanding value to your organisation.

Featured Courses

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